you are met with a strange door, covered in stickers. it's almost like it's radiating light.

congratulations!!! you've entered
[the realm of melancholy skittles]

the first thing you see is a large forest, where the trees are adorned with purple petals. you can hear faint joyous laughter

welcome to [stuffie woods]
you're approached by a friendly looking sheep. she tells you her name is sleepykins, and there's someone you need to meet!

"meet van! he lives here in the realm of melancholy skittles. he's one of my dearest friends!"

about me

vanderlyle rai

  • he/him, ae/aer, fleur/fleurs, mint/mints, love/loves

  • minor

  • pansexual trans guy

  • hellenic pagan (i believe in the greek gods)

  • enfp, 4w5

  • aries sun, aries moon, sagittarius rising

you found some beautiful new attractions. it's up to you to lead the way!

welcome to [the babbling brook]
you watch a yellow and pink fish splash out of the water. it looks friendly.
it almost sounds like the water is singing to you...

let the song accompany through your journey!

a fluffy mound of cotton candy descends from the sky, where other mounds like it fly. you decide to climb aboard, and find yourself floating!
welcome to [the cotton candy skies]

all the way up here, it's like you can see every dream in the realm

talk to me about these

  • mo xiang tong xiu novels - my favorite is heaven official's blessing

  • our flag means death

  • kandi

  • wes anderson movies

  • decora kei

  • collecting stuffed animals

  • bunny pictures/videos and lamb pictures/videos

  • lego monkie kid

  • film studies

  • reigns: her majesty

  • making playlists, music

  • eurovision song contest

  • mcu

  • archaeology

welcome to [skittle city]
you are surrounded by neon signs, pretty shops, and the bustle of people who all seem welcoming and friendly


  • racist, homophobic, or ableist in any capacity

  • pro-ana/pro-mia/pro-sh

  • s*xualize age regression

  • f*tishize mlm, wlw, or trans people

  • proshippers

  • against well informed and well intentioned self dx

  • blatantly disrespect religion/spirituality

  • kin hamlet in any way


  • i'm not comfortable with joke flirting or venting randomly unless we have a pre-set boundary

  • i really appreciate tone tags but you don't have to use them all the time

  • i tw "common" triggers, but feel free to let me know if you need something specific

  • i occassionally use the f and t slurs as jokes, let me know if you aren't comfortable with me using those around you specifically

  • my responses are usually very late unless we're on discord, so i apologize in advance!

you touch the glass of an old, expensive looking mirror, only to end up falling through and ending up in a maze!
welcome to the [mirror maze of endless personality]

kin list

kin = character you relate to

note: all my kins except hamlet are just for fun. i don’t feel any attachment to them, it’s just a way to define my personality.

  • hamlet -- hamlet (no doubles)

  • hua cheng -- heaven official's blessing

  • diane nguyen -- bojack horseman

  • xie lian -- heaven official's blessing

  • luo binghe -- scum villain’s self saving system

  • dignan -- bottle rocket

  • reagan ridley -- inside job

  • alberto scorfano -- luca

  • murdoc niccals -- gorillaz

  • ariel -- the little mermaid

  • briar beauty -- ever after high

  • stede bonnet - our flag means death

  • miya chinen -- sk8 the infinity

  • kate bishop -- mcu

  • luisa madrigal -- encanto

  • bucky barnes -- mcu

  • amity blight -- the owl house

  • glimmer -- she-ra and the princesses of power

  • wei wuxian -- grandmaster of demonic cultivation

  • xuan ji -- heaven official's blessing

  • quan yizhen -- heaven official's blessing

  • isabela madrigal -- encanto

  • flame princess -- adventure time

  • loki -- mcu

  • mu qing -- heaven official's blessing

  • clementine kruczynski -- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

  • lucius spriggs -- our flag means death

  • crowley -- good omens

  • joan of arc -- clone high

  • batman -- the lego batman movie

  • lestat de lioncourt -- interview with the vampire

  • mr fox -- fantastic mr fox

  • First item

  • Second item

  • Third item

aw, it's sad to see you leave. but you're welcome in [the realm of melancholy skittles] any time!
if you don't make it back soon, here's a map of how you can keep in touch!

discord: persona non melancholyskittle